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A Perfect Time for Personal Development
Healing, Cultivating the Spirit and Evolving!

We are gearing up for another wholesome season of
Offerings, Events, Sacred Ceremonies, Holistic Courses, 
Workshops and More!

Fall is almost here and it’s bringing change and transformation!

We are embracing and preparing for the change of season and shifting into the reflective months. This means it is time to continue raising our vibrations and embrace the change and transformation from a healthier, more balanced and aligned place, on all levels of our being.

Join us for any of our high vibe offerings, courses, events, retreats or book your personal healing.

Here’s what’s coming up:



*In-Class Summer Program: 

3-Full Weekends

Saturday: 10am to 5pm & Sunday: 10am to 5pm

PHASE ONE: June 19th & 20th
PHASE TWO: July 17th & 18th
PHASE THREE: August 21st & 22nd 

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Oct. 4th @ 10:00am to 5:30pm
Sep. 27th @ 10:00am to 5:30pm

1 on 1 HEALING, COACHING AND MENTORING (with SoulbrotherDane)
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– Meditation Teacher Training Program
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– Primal Consciousness Program
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– Chakra Course
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– Reiki Level 1 
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Oct. 2nd @ 8pm – 9:30pm
Oct. 31st @ 8pm – 9:30pm
Nov. 30th @ 8pm – 9:30pm

Movement Meditation Sound Bath (Weekly Classes)
Starting Tuesday September 22 @ 7pm – 8pm
& 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Weekly Meditations: The Chakras
Thursday, September 24th to Thursday, November 5th @ 7:30pm to 9pm
Weekly Meditations: The Elements
Thursday, November 12th to Thursday, November 17th @ 7:30pm to 9pm

– Sacred Geometry
– Reiki
– Acupuncture
– Sound Healing
– Guided Meditation 

– Pleiadian Healing
– Pranic Healing
– Shamanic Healing (Curas)


April 1st The Chakra 7 classes Guided Meditation Course Mondays 7:30pm @ Bliss Om Wellness Studio
April 5th – Friday @ 7pm Sacred Plant Ceremony Vaughan Studio
May 24th, 25th & 26th – May 2019 holistic Retreat 

may -2019 retreat.2





Past Events

Nov.22nd – Dane Move. Meditate. Sound Healing @ Elemental Wellness Studio
Nov. 23rd – Sacred Plant Ceremony Maple Studio
Nov. 26th – Reiki 1 3-week program Mondays 7:30pm -9:30pm Nov, 26th, Dec. 3rd & Dec. 17th), Bliss OM Studio
Nov. 28th –  Sound Healing, Bliss Om Studio
Nov.29th – Dane Move. Meditate. Sound Healing @ Elemental Wellness Studio
Nov.30th – Dane Salt Cave Meditatation Sound Healing, Bolton
Dec. 1st  – Raise The Vibe! @8:30pm SMPLFY Studio, Toronto
Dec. 8th -Dane at Bliss OM Sound Healing Journey/Ceremony
Dec.13th – Dane Move. Meditate. Sound Healing @ Elemental Wellness Studio

Oct. 12 – Raise The Vibe! @8:30pm SMPLFY Studio, Toronto
Oct. 12,13 & 14 – Reiki Master Level 3 (weekend course), Vaughan
Oct. 17, 31 – Sound Healing Meditation (weekly class), Bliss OM Studio
Oct. 19 – Sacred Cannabis Ceremony Event (Private Mansion), Toronto
Oct. 21 – Reiki Level 2 certification (Full Day Course), Bliss Om Studio
Oct. 24 – Sound Healing (Full Moon Meditation), Bliss Om Studio
Oct. 26, 27 & 28 – Holistic Retreat  (Weekend Retreat), Sebright, Ontario FULL!

dane cris


Friday Oct. 12, 8:30pm

Gather in circle with Dane Osorio and Chris Assaad as they will lead a conscious evening of connecting, expression and raising our vibe!

Healing artist Dane Osorio will lead a light shake it out movement and bring some energy to our bodies and then ground us in with a sound healing meditation.

Singer-songwriter Chris Assaad will share a healing sound journey with soulful live music, that will include opportunity for heart opening vocal expressions. Wrapping up this magical evening Dane will close with a crystal bowl soundbath to harness in the high vibes.

This is such a great way to spend your Friday night!

Location: SMPLFY Studio, 890 Dundas Street West,Toronto

See you Soon!

Let`s Raise the Vibe together!

Please pre register for this event to secure your place!

$30 in advance
$40 at the door

How to register?

For Tickets to this event email transfer [email protected] or call 647 748 3777 to pay over the phone via CC.

become reiki master

Reiki Certification Courses

Calling those who are feeling the call to become a Reiki Practitioner.
Also for those Reiki Practitioners wanting to dive a little deeper into Reiki Energy Healing Practice!

REIKI 3   

Weekend   Oct. 12-13 & 14
Friday 6pm-9:30pm
Sat. 10:30-5:30pm
Sun. 10:30-5:30pm

Learn to focus on spiritual healing and reach a higher level of vibration of consciousness and become more creative.  Advanced Reiki Training (ART) increases the effectiveness of your Reiki.
This level of training is only offered to students who have successfully completed the Levels 1 and 2 and demonstrated extensive self-healing preparation, have fulfil all requirements and completed internship practice.
Shinpiden level is not a level to be taken lightly or carelessly.  It flourishes after deep commitment to Reiki and your spiritual growth and evolution
Investment: $777    Location: Vital Ki, Maple Studio

*Pre-requisite:  Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 , Practical Intern form Completed, Case Studies, over 2 years of proven practice 

For more information please contact Master Angie Tobon 647 748 3777

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Sun. Nov. 18  10:30am- 5:30pm

This First Degree Reiki course focuses primarily on physical healing. Learn the history of Reiki, the energy system and the nature of Reiki energy, learn to treat yourself and others through opening Reiki channel and learning to practice the techniques.
Investment: $250    Location: BlissOm, Kleinburg

REIKI 2  Oct. 21  10:30am-5:30pm

The Second Degree Reiki, Okuden(Inner Teachings) Reiki Level 2. Here you start learning about Sacred Geometry and the initiation of the first 3 Reiki symbols their meanings and their use are taught and the student receives another attunement. This symbols are used to increase the power of the Reiki energy, deal with mental and emotional issues, and to support Reiki distance healing.
Investment: $399   Location: BlissOm, Kleinburg

Weekend Holistic Retreat

Oct. Holistic Retreat Dane & Angie

Spiritual Guidance on self-awareness and self-development for Personal Growth

Friday October 26th to Sunday 28th

Join us for this Spiritual Retreat that will offer several holistic studies, practices  workshops, yoga, sound healing meditations. A unique and well rounded weekend for those who wish to work on themselves for personal growth. Connecting to your Spirit, for alignment. We will be  working on the mental, emotional, and physical. Those who are ready to release blockages, deep conditioning patterns, who want to heal, and are wanting guidance to a deeper connection with themselves, and an active holistic and spiritual life.

This Retreat  is good for all levels who are looking for a  more awakened spiritual path with tools for further advancement into self-development. Gain tools to take with you to practice in your everyday lives for a better you and a better life!


Our Program Objectives:

To provide a powerful Holistic Educational Retreat

To help you encode your inner wisdom and prepare you for true healing and transformation.


Shared accommodations

Delicious Healthy meals

  • -Friday Dinner
  • -Saturday 3 full meals
  • -Sunday Breakfast and Lunch

Workshops and Training

At this retreat you will be guided through and empowered by Holistic workshops and teachings on:

  • Workshop on how to better manage Depression and Anxiety
  • Workshop on Toltec wisdom and EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Sacred Geometry and Sound Healing for relaxation and raising your vibration
  • Realization and releasing of blockages and limiting beliefs
  • Mindset Re-patterning to increase clarity and positive perspective
  • Learn to understand ground and balance your energy centres
  • Meditation for Calm, Connection and Cultivation
  • Expansive and Gentle Movement/Yoga (non vigorous)
  • Conscious Eating (Nourishing your body with High vibration foods)
  • Mind, body and Spirit Connection

Register:  647-748-3777 or i[email protected]m

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Sound Healing Meditations With: Dane Osorio Reiki Master



Stress Relief


Better Breathing

Better Sleeping

Reduce Anxiety

Release Tension

Improved Circulation

Cardiovascular Health

Focus on The Present

Inner Peace

At BlissOm   By/weekly:  Wednesdays 7:30pm to 8:30pm


Thursday Evenings  Registration Open!
Sep.27th – Nov. 7
Location: Elementsl Wellness Studio  999 Edgeley Rd. Unit #3, Concord, On. L4K 5z4

Module 1  The 7 Chakras

chakras SEP. 2018Taught by Reiki Masters Angie Tobon & Dane Osorio

Our famous Module 1 “The 7 Chakras” Guided Meditation Course is back at Bliss Om Wellness Studio to start off the Fall season!

Join us for a transformational 7 weeks that will bring you more connection to your true authentic inner self. Find out what may be blocking you, what needs healing and how to find balance, inner peace and align yourself to your higher self.

Each week we tap into and learn about a Chakra and how we carry that energy. We take you into 2 guided meditations to discover, heal, clear, energize and balance the specific Chakra. Bringing more awareness to how you carry your energy and how to use meditation to help you grow and evolve.

What’s included:
– 7 Classes
– Weekly info emails on the Chakra we are working on.
– Weekly exercises to track your journey
– ongoing support
– course manual (pdf)
– certificate of course completion

Whether you’re looking to start a meditation practice or you already practice Meditation this course is for all levels.

This course sells out every Fall, so connect with us to register and reserve your spot!

September 17 – November 5
Monday  Evenings – 7:30pm – 9:00pm

September 18 – October 30
Tuesday Mornings – 10:30am – 12:00pm


High Demand of Chakra Course Thursday Evenings Sep.27th – Nov. 7

*New location: Elemental Wellness Studio

Dane Chakras Elemens sep-2018

Taught by Dane Osorio

Thursday Evenings

Sep.27th – Nov. 7

Location: Elementsl Wellness Studio

999 Edgeley Rd. Unit #3, Concord, On. L4K 5z4

Connect with us to register!

For more information please contact Master Angie Tobon 647 748 3777

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Reiki Level 1 Certification!


Taught by:

Reiki Master Teacher Angie Tobon &
Reiki Master Dane Osorio

Calling those who are feeling the call to learn about and to step into Reiki Energy Healing.

This First Degree Reiki course focuses primarily on physical healing. Learn the history of Reiki, the energy system and the nature of Reiki energy, learn to treat yourself and others through opening Reiki channel and learning to practice the techniques.

The student receives reiju (aka denju, or attunement) where he/she is initiated to the Reiki energy and taught basic methods for administering Reiki on the self and others. In Japan, this level is called Shoden.

This full day Sunday Reiki Level 1 Certification course is being offered in Kleinburg at Bliss Om Wellness Studio and taught by Reiki Master Teacher Angie Tobon and Reiki Master Dane Osorio.

Sunday November 18, 2018
This is a full day course from 12:00pm- 7:00pm

Enjoy a great day of learning and practicing Reiki in a cozy retreat like setting with tea, snacks and lunch provided.

Investment: $250 + hst.


Reiki (Ray-Key) comes from the Japanese words ‘rei’ meaning universal and ‘ki’ meaning life force. Every living thing has life force or energy and when it flows freely and is balanced we are healthy and happy. When the energy level is low or imbalanced we are more susceptible to illness and stress.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing developed in the early 1900’s by Dr.Mikao Usui. Reiki has been practiced by healers and Buddhist monks for centuries. It rebalances and replenishes the energy in your body stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki can ease stress, clear the mind and help to relieve physical ailments. It is not a cure for illness but can relieve symptoms and help strengthen the immune system which is often lowered by stress.


Raise the Vibe!

Raise the Vibe Flyer (5)

Join us for a conscious gathering on the evening of August 24th! 8pm – 9:30pm

Gathering in circle Dane and Chris will lead a high vibrational evening of connecting, expressing and raising our vibe!
We will ground in with a sound healing meditation led by Healing Artist Dane Osorio. Then Singer-songwriter Chris Assaad will share a healing sound journey with soulful live music, that will include some opportunity for  heart opening vocal expressions. Wrapping up this magical evening Dane will close with a crystal bowl soundbath to harness in the high vibes.

Chris Assaad

Chris Assaad is an international singer-songwriter from Toronto who left a promising career in law several years ago to follow his heART and his passion for music. His fire for music was ignited shortly after he began exploring his love of singing and songwriting when he was forced to overcome a rapidly progressing hereditary hearing loss condition. Nearly two years and two miraculous surgeries later, Chris was given the gift of perfectly restored hearing and a second chance, cementing his path of a life dedicated to his artistry and to inspiring others to follow their innermost calling.

Since then, Chris has been actively using his voice to grow an international grassroots community, sharing his eclectic blend of soulful roots music, heart-opening songs and stories with audiences in Australia, Europe, Canada and the US, appearing at club and festival dates from Mountain Jam in New York to The Espy in Melbourne to Midem in Cannes. After seeing a YouTube cover of one of his unreleased songs, Michael Franti invited Chris to join him at the final show of his 2015 “One Heart One Soul” tour for a special rendition of the song. Chris has also shared the stage with artists such as Trevor Hall, Mishka, Mat McHugh and The Wood Brothers. In addition to his musical offerings, Chris is also a writer, storyteller and inspirational force. Chris has worked with hundreds of people, both one on one and in group settings, to support and empower clients in amplifying their authentic creative expression, cultivating emotional freedom and in the creation of a life they love.

Dane Osorio

Dane Osorio is a hard working Entrepreneur and Healing Artist and Holistic Practitioner who started off in the work force in Construction and opened his own Renovation Company in his early 20’s. With his new business growing and expanding he simultaneously decided to follow his heart and Partnered up with Angie Tobon in the totally different industry of Health and Wellness where his passion laid. Dane constructed the first location of Vital Ki Wellness Center in 2007.

His mission is to continue contributing his time and devotion to connecting and supporting people on their awakening and healing journeys. The focus of his practice and service is to hold space and share ceremonies, healing, wisdom, awareness, unity, collective evolution, and Universal Love that we all deserve.

Let`s evolve together!|


Friday August 24th 8pm – 9:30pm

To Register for this event please contact
Dane at Vital Ki 647 3777
Bliss OM 905 893 1088

Exchange: $30

Shamanic Aug.2018-RETREAT

SHAMANIC RETREAT! July. 13, 14, and 15

We are super excited to host Shamanic Sound Healer and Healing Arts Practitioner Peter Arcari for this magical 3 day, 2 night Retreat in beautiful Caledon, Ontario. This exclusive, invite-only event is being held on an incredible private property that features a private lake for swimming and water activities, hiking trails, bonfire pit, and dedicated ceremony spaces. This is the perfect opportunity to connect and refresh with nature while recharging your spirit with two shamanic plant ceremonies, as well as Yoga, Meditation and Shamanic Sound Healing. We will have high vibrational cuisine that includes, delicious plant based meals to compliment the inner spirit work we will be doing. Shared accommodations.

We have an awesome itinerary planned out with the perfect balance of plant medicines, movement, meditation, connecting to nature, connecting to inner self and other like minded and like hearted people.

There will also be some allocated times that you can book your own private 1 on 1 session with the Shaman Peter Arcari or with Reiki Master and Chinese Medicine Practitioner Angie Tobon. (Additional charge)

Sounds amazing doesn’t it!?

Well then let’s get you signed up!


Regular rate is: $650

To sign up please connectsecure your spot(s)

647-748-3777 or [email protected]

Facebook Event Page

ECUADORIAN SACRED RETREAT: September 14th  – September 21th 2019


For more information Click Here

Journey Within Flyer (2)Journey within July 21, 12pm

jOURney within fuses the worlds of yoga, meditation, live music and sound healing to create a truly unforgettable experience.

You are cordially invited to this unique and powerful event.

We are breaking down barriers, promoting inclusiveness, journeying within, connecting to the body, tapping into our inner power and making some magic together.

Stacy Irie Soul (@irie.soul) will be moving us through a 45 minute yoga flow.

Anna Gala (@sitwithanna) will then guide us through a modern, connective and empowering 30 minute guided meditation session.

Arash Behzadi (@arashpiano) will be creating magical vibrations during the entire event by sharing his gift of live new age, intuitive piano.

Dane Osorio (@dane_osorio) will be gifting us with a powerful sound healing session with his beautiful set of crystal quartz singing bowls.


Saturday July 21st | 12pm – 1:30pm

Beach United Church
140 Wineva Avenue, Toronto


TICKET : $40 until July 20th @ 11:59pm



Past Events 

Friday May 25th 10:00am to 5:00pm

Investment: S333 

*$150 Repeat Students (if Available Space)

Register for this Course: [email protected]   647-748-3777

5-week Healing Program and Reiki Level 2 Certification 

5-wk Reiki 2
The Program includes:
-Reiki Level 2 Certifiction
-Vision Board Workshop
-Sound Healing Therapy

5-Tuesdays Starting May 8th 11:am to 1:00pm
Investment: S385

*$150 Repeat Students (if Available Space)

Location: Bliss Om Holistic Center
33 Nashville Rd, Kleinburg, On. L0J 1C0Register: [email protected] 905-893-1088

Reiki Level 2

Second Degree (Okuden – Inner Teachings) –

Subject code: VK-REI-002 

The Second Degree Reiki, Okuden(Inner Teachings) Reiki Level II. Here you start learning about Sacred Geometry and the initiation of the first 3 Reiki symbols their meanings and their use are taught and the student receives another attunement. This symbols are used to increase the power of the Reiki energy, deal with mental and emotional issues, and to support Reiki distance healings. In the original Japanese system, this level is called Okuden (sometimes Chuuden), and you would not be offered this level of training unless you can exhibit certain energy recognition skills and have completed the requirement internship practice.

The focus of Second Degree Reiki course is on the healing of the mental and emotional issues. Learn about the Reiki symbols and distance sessions. Acquire in depth the knowledge to change unwanted behaviours and habits and evolve to manifest permanent change.
Learn the sacred symbols used in Reiki for enhancing the Reiki power and extending the use of Reiki.

Soundbathe to Slumber

with Reiki Masters Dane Osorio & Lilian Motta


March 9, 2018

7:oopm – 9:00pm

Wind down and forget about the stresses of life at our Soundbathe to Slumber class.

Come and connect with like-minded individuals in a state of healing and connection.

Shake off the day with Lilian and Dane and relax with the beautiful sounds of the sound bath with singing bowls, spirit drums, djembe, vocals and other cosmic instruments.

You’ll connect with your mind body and spirit as you end the session with a guided meditation that will leave feeling lighter, have a clearer mind, a better awareness of your body, and ready to sleep.

An experience that will lift your soul!

Reserve your spot now as space is limited!



    • FEBRUARY 28th -MARCH 7th, 2018
    • 7- Days 7- Nights Connecting Retreat
    •  Yoga l  Meditation  l  Connecting to Nature  l  Workshops  Excursions  Relaxing  l    Sound Bath Therapy  l Ceremonies   Personal Chef Cuisine

      Valentine’s Eve: Reconnect With Your Senses

      with Gabriela Arredondo from Evolve Holistic



      Tuesday February 13th, 2018

      6:30pm – 8:30pm


      Looking to reconnect with your partner this Valentine’s Day Eve?

      We will take you on a journey that will help increase intimacy in your relationship by experiencing alternative ways of communication together.

      Through reflection, guided meditation and partner yoga – you and your partner will feel connected in a deeper way.

      You will leave this workshop regaining your senses, perhaps rekindling your relationship and you will have certainly gained a meaningful & soulful connection with your loved one.

      Join us and come with an open heart and comfortable clothes.

      We will provide the love, water, props and yoga mats! Feel free to bring your own mat.

      Reserve your spot now as space is limited!




      With Chris Assaad



      Tuesday February 20, 2018

      8pm – 9:30pm

      USE YOUR VOICE is a fun and full participation exploration of the healing power of our voices. Join singer-songwriter, storyteller and creative fire starter Chris Assaad for a magical evening of purposeful play designed to help you connect to your voice, your creativity and expression from the HEART! Chris will provide a safe space for participants to explore, stretch and have a powerful experience that will help free their voices, ignite their create spark and amplify their self expression. Think yoga class for the voice!



      with Gabriela Arredondo from Evolve Holistic

      February 10, 2018

      5:00pm -8:00pm

      Ladies, join us as we discover the pleasure points of a woman’s body.

    • Show yourself some love and explore what makes you feel good!

      Together, we will learn about your body, your erotic body map, and learn new masturbation techniques! 🙂

      “Ahhhh” (sigh….)

      You will leave this workshop with a feeling of empowerment, curiosity, and one (or more) steps closer to truly accepting your beautiful body as it is.

      Join us as we discover the power of a woman’s sexual energy. Come with an open mind and willingness to learn.

      Please note: there will be no nudity in this class.

      Reserve your spot now as space is limited!

Expanding The Art of Erotica in Established Relationships

with Gabriela Arredondo from Evolve Holistic


Saturday February 17, 2018

5:00pm – 8pm

Love is in the air this week thanks to good old St. Valentine! Although, we believe love is in the air ALL the time 😉

Join us as we enhance the erotic energy of our relationships.

This workshop is for couples looking to explore new sensual paths and want to regain their touch with the art of erotica.

We will honour the presence and energy dedicated to our partners. This is a space to deepen our connections and learn new paths to interchanging erotic energy that will enhance your sexual life and expand ecstasy.

Together, each person will identify their level of erotica and explore the art of erotica through our senses: tase, sight, touch, smell, and hearing.

You will then be guided through an erotic massage with your partner.

Lovers will leave this workshop understanding their wants and needs, heighten and maintain your erotic energy with one another, and enhance their perception of physical sensations.

Come with an open mind, comfortable clothes and a towel. We will provide water, tea, scents, massage oil, fruits and refreshments. If you have massage oil that you prefer, please bring it. Please advise us of any allergies you may have at [email protected]

Please note: there will be no nudity in this class. We are learning new ways of bringing erotica into our relationships through a healthy and effective expansion of the senses.

Reserve your spot now as space is limited!

      With Angela Demeester

      angela flyer

       Monday February 12th, 2018

      7:30pm – 9pm

      Angela has been hosting a support and healing circle for mothers of special needs children Since Monday Jan 8th, for 6 consecutive weeks with her last circle coming up February 12.

      She also has online support here..

      Please share with anyone you know who could benefit from this.

      Beautiful calm space, loving connections, and Reiki healing.

      Reserve your spot


    • Meditations & Manifestations Workshop with Alison Tennen

    • 332f72e4-1ba2-4484-b7ff-8d2ad6c9724e
    • Sunday February 12, 25 2018

      5:30pm – 7pm

      You are invited to participate in some beautiful and powerful meditations and uplifting processes that will help you manifest some of your deepest desires for this upcoming year. The processes inherent in this series are scientifically proven as a sound approach to transformation. SImply get clear on where you would like to be this time next year and show up to begin the energetic processes that will get you there.

      When: Sundays: 5:30-7:00pm February, 11, 25, 2018
      (*Please note: family day weekend is excluded)

      Where: Vital Ki Natural Health Centre, TORONTO

      Ages 13+

      Fee:$50 for both workshops, or pay $30 cash at the door for a single session.

       Read more and REGISTER HERE

    •  Dec.Full Moon -1
    • HARVEST FULL MOON.-flyer

    • 20294280_10105399238899042_8550278898083860375_n
    •  Wednesday August 16th
    • 7pm – 9:30pm

    • Join us in cirlce as we hold space for an integration discussion on Sacred Ceremonies and a transformational year thus far. We will come together with high vibrational medicine songs inspired by the amazing SOL (Sound of Light) Global Community! So bring an instrument, an open mind a compassionate heart and let’s rise together! We will have a live Broadcast from SOL Circle Florestral from the Forest Community in Costa Rica! We will play, sing along and raise our vibration in unison with some beautiful souls and magical Medicine songs from the Forest.

      Tea and Veagan Snacks will be provided 🙂

      6:45pm – Doors open, Tea and snacks
      7pm – Settle in, Open
      7:30pm – 8pm – Open music circle
      8pm – live broadcast from Costa Rica
      9pm – sharing cirlce
      9:30pm – Closing OM

      PWYC (pay what you can)

      Free Parking on Bedford Park Avenue, or in Vital Ki driveway and parking lot located at back of building access via laneway north of Bedford Park Ave.

      ** note that you don’t need to have an instrument to come!

    • 5 Week Self-Healing Journey:
    • Where we will teach you how to use a Holistic all natural approach to shift your energy into a more positive and healthy vibration!
    • Starting July 10 To Aug. 14
    • Heal Your Mind Body & Soul
      Program Includes:
      Reiki Level 1 Certification * Yoga * Meditation * Smudging Workshop*
      *The Four Agreements Workshop – Don Miguel Ruiz’s Code for Life * Mastering the Breath * Sound Therapy*
      $383+hst  Bliss Om Wellness Studio
    • 33 Nashvill Rd. Kleinburg ON.
    • To register please call 647-748-3777
    • ______________________________________________________________________
    • July Full Moon Ceremony: 
    • fmjuly1511
    •  Sunday July 9 @ 7:30pm 
    • Bliss Om Wellness Studio
    • 33 Nashvill Rd. Kleinburg ON.
    • (Please register in advance) $30+hst 
    • Join Reiki Masters Angie Tobon and Dane Osorio
      at the Lovely Bliss Om Holistic Wellness Center in Kleinburg and Vital Ki Wellness Centre in Toronto!
    • Angie and Dane have come together to bring Full Moon Ceremonies for a few years now.
    • Their ancestral healing lineage and awareness of amplified energies during the time of the Full Moon has brought them to perform powerful and healing Ceremonies.
    • Full moons bring with them a certain energy and inspire a flow of emotions and vibrations, unlike in other phases of the moon. Full moons have a way of washing away the negative energy to make room for positive energy.
      Join us for a wonderful Guided Meditation Ceremony where we will tap into the Energy of the Full Moon to release what is not serving us at this time, to shift and raise our vibration to what it is we really want to Manifest!   Read More….
    • Summer SOULGetaway:
    • 3-day Holistic Retreat August 18,19 & 20th
    • Read more…
      Detox your Mind, Body & Soul
      August 18,19 & 20
      Facilitated by: Lori Lisi, Dane Osorio, Angie Tobon
      Join us at our first Summer Soul Getaway with BlissOm and honoured guest performer Chris Assaad.
      Held in the idyllic setting of Hockley Valley.
      This detox weekend will refocus and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
      Ground and connect yourself to your fullest potential!
    • INCLUDE:
      -3 days, 2 nights accommodations
      -Vegetarian Meals
      -Nutritious Snacks
      -Yoga classes
      -Guided Meditations
      -Reiki Meditation
    • -Sacred Geometry Meditation
      -Fire Ceremony
      -Intimate Concert
      -Sound Bath Therapy
    • -Wellness Workshops:
       *Five Agreement Workshop (Teaching of Don Miguel Ruiz)
       *Chakra Workshop (Find where in your Energy System you are leaking your Energy)
       *The Elements Workshop (Learn about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through the study of   nature’s  Elements and the influence of our emotions in our overall health)
    • Additional Cost:
      -Life Coaching
      -Energy Healing Treatments
      -Relaxation Acupuncture
      -Cosmetic Acupuncture
      -Massage Therapy
      -Open the Meridians with Osteopathy and Fascial Stretch Therapy
      -Reiki Level 1 Certification
    • Click the link below to hear Chris Assaad
      Click here to see the Ecology Retreat Centre
      Register after July 8th $475.00 plus hst
    • 2016 2017
    •                                             2016=9                                                               2017=1
    • This workshop meditation is intended to help the energy
    • of the final days of 2016 to a close as well as to
    • transcend to a new cycle “Year of 2017”
    • The intentions & foundations you set in place during the first few months
    • of 2017 will mold the field of potentiality and set the tone & flow
    • of energy within your life over the forthcoming 9 years
    • Unfold the key points to end year 2016 with completeness
    • and seed a new fresh 2017
    •  Location: 33 Nashville Rd. KLEINBURG, Ont.
    • Tuesday Dec. 27 @ 6pm
    • $30+Tax
    • With: Angie Tobón
    • A SPECIAL new year of growth and potential anticipates its coming, strengthening your conscious connection with spirit on the inside will enable you to flourish on the outside.  But before we start we need to purge ill energy so that we can enter the energy of 2017 clean, light and without baggage.
    • It is a special end year Meditation workshop. 
    • ______________________________________________________________________________
    • Join our Super-Full Moon Ceremonies in Toronto Sunday Nov. 13  and Kleinburg Monday Nov.14
    • Tap in to the largest SUPERMOON: since 1948 and not to be seen again till Nov.25 2034.
    • Astrologically, this Full Super-Moon is in Taurus, opposing the Sun in Scorpio.
    • To register 647-748-3777
    • Let’s set some great intentions together and let go of any ill or energies that don’t serve us!!!  Read More…..
    • full-moon-yoga
    • Sunday November 13th
    • Yoga Supermoon meditation
    • will be held at Vital Ki
    • 352 Bedford Park Ave. Toronto
      7:30pm- arrival
      8:00pm – Supermoon Yoga-Meditation
    • nov-2016-moon-1
    • Monday November 14th
    • Supermoon meditation
    • will be held at Chapel
      7:30pm- arrival at BLISSOM
      8:00pm – Supermoon Meditation
    • Talks and Workshops
    • Live Stream Introduction and Q&A with Dane Osorio DO(MP) and Bryan Hardy, (Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach) 7pm
    • Ki to Health With Dr. Lorenzo Diana
    • Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm
    • Say NO to the Flu shot, take control and BOOST your Immune System!
    • Join us at Vital Ki Vital Ki Natural Health & Wellness Centre for a Free Talk on the Immune System and the NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO THE FLU SHOT!
    • Talk Given by our Naturopath Dr. Diana who just gave a talk at the Whole Life Expo.
    • Allow Dr. Diana to discuss the latest research about the microbiome (healthy bacteria) and how to re establish the GUT flora. This talk will discuss the role of antibiotics, oxidative stress, and toxic environments on our immune system.
    • You will be provided the necessary steps to correct the under active or over active immune system through diet, exercise, supplementation, and integrative medicine.
    • Oral All Natural Flu shots will be available to attendees for $20.99 (optional)
    • Registration to attened is open to all ages and is FREE of charge
    • Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm
    • Location: 352 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto, ON M5M 1J8.
    • Must contact Vital Ki Natural Health & Wellness Centre
      [email protected]
      647-748-3777 to reserve your seat as seating is limited.
    • 11/11 Yoga, Numerology & Meditation Event  
    • Nov. 11
    • photogrid_1478039464922
    • with Dane Osorio, Nash Shamad and Lorena Santacruz
    • Doors Open at 8pm, event starts at 8:11pm
    • call 647 748 3777  to register
    • ($22)
    • Location: 352 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto, ON M5M 1J8.
    • Super Moon Yoga and Meditation Ceremony
    • Nov. 13
    • full-moon-yoga
    • With Dane Osorio, Nash Shamad and Lorena Santacruz
    • Ceremony Starts at 7:30 sharp!
    • ($22) call 647 748 3777  to register
    • Location: 352 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto, ON M5M 1J8.
    • Full-Moon Meditation Ceremonies
    • Nov. 14 Beaver Moon  Monday Night
      Dec. 13 Cold Moon Tuesday Night
    • With: Angie Tobon & Dane Osorio
    • Location: Bliss OM Wellness Studio 33 Nashville rd. Kleinburg, ON
    • $30 each night or $50 for both 
    • call to register: 905 893 1088
    • Nov. 13 
    • Reiki Level 1  in  TORONTO Sunday 9:30am -5:30pm
    • Reiki Degree Certification Course Level 1
      Strong>Shoden Attunements (First Teachings)
    • Sunday Nov.13  9:30am-5:30pm
    • Location: TORONTO
      352 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto, ON, M5M 1J8.
    • This course focuses primarily on physical healing.
      – The history of Reiki
      – The Nature of Reiki energy
      – To practice the Reiki Techniques
      Subject code: VK-REI-001
      Course Fee: $280

      Pre-requisite: None
      with Reiki Master Angie Tobon
      To Register:  647-748-3777 or Email: [email protected]
    • Reiki Degree Certification Course Level 2
    • Nov. 26
      Second Degree (Okuden – Inner Teachings)
      Reiki levle2
    • Sunday November 26 9:30am-5:30pm    
    • Toronto: 352 Bedford Park Ave., Toronto, On. M5M 1J8
    • The focus of Second Degree Reiki course is on the healing of the mental and emotional issues. Learn about the Reiki symbols and distance sessions. Acquire in depth the knowledge to change unwanted behaviours and habits and evolve to manifest permanent change.
      Learn the sacred symbols used in Reiki for enhancing the Reiki power and extending the use of Reiki.
      Subject code: VK-REI-002 Course Fee: $380
      Pre-requisite: VK-REI-001 Reiki First Degree
    • To Register: 647-748-3777 or email: [email protected]
    • FOOT REFLEXOLOGY COURSES  180hrs  (35-hrs in class Lectures)
    • *3-Weekends (Jan.,Feb. &  March.)  
      -Week 1: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
      -Week 2: Saturday & Sunday
      -Week 3: Saturday & Sunday
    • *7-Tuesdays: in KLEINBURG
      -Starting January 8 – 10:30am-3:30pm
    • *10-Thursday Mornings: in TORONTO
      -Starting January 10-  9:30am-1:pm
    • To Register: 647-748-3777 or email: [email protected]
    • _____________________________
    • Foot Reflexology Certification Course
    • 180Hr Course (35 Hrs in class Lectures)
    • Foot Reflexology Course Information & Registration  in KLEINBURG Sunday 1pm
    • This Foot Reflexology Program is designed for healthcare professionals who are looking for continuing education programs, additional skills for their practice and for students looking to achieve high quality Reflexology training for self interest or to fulfill the requirements for certification as a qualified Reflexologist Practitioner. (Read more…)
    • Foot Reflexology dates & Locations 
    • *3-Weekends: in KLEINBURG
      *7-Tuesdays:in KLEINBURG
      *10-Thursday Mornings:  in TORONTO
      Cost: $999
      (Prerequisite: NONE)
      To Register:  647-748-3777  or [email protected]
    • Reiki Degree Certification Course Level 3
    • Third Degree (Shinpiden – Mystery teachings)
    • TBA
    • Learn to focused on spiritual healing and reach a higher level of vibration of consciousness and become more creative. Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Increase the effectiveness of your Reiki.
    • Subject code: VK-REI-003
    • Course Fee: $528
      *Pre-requisite: Reiki First, & Second, Practical Intern form Completed
      plus Case Studies, and  3yrs years of proved practice.
    •   *New Lymphatic Drainage Program With Osteopathy & Fascial Stretch Therapy
    • lymphatic_system man-woman

      -Lymphatic function
      -Meridian energy flow
      -Stiffness of joints
      -Muscle function
      -Body Strength
    •  *Fat and Cellulite
    • Fat-cellulite pict-1
    • This program is specially customised for you to help:
    • Reduce Fat-Cellulite
    • Release lymphatic blockages
    • Speed up the metabolism
    • Stimulate blood flow
    • By targeting stubborn localized liquid and fat we encourage the elimination of these liquids and fat deposits, to help tighten and tone the body.
      These treatments are all natural, non-invasive, they promote the lymphatic system and improve your overall health.
      3 programs to choose from
      4-WEEK BASIC $225
      8-WEEK $350
      10-WEEK $556

      Read More…
      Other Courses
    •  Module #1: The Chakras Certification Meditation Course
    • Learn the art of becoming conscious and the techniques to heal and balance your Energy System
    • Dates & Locations:
    • Starting January 2017
    • Mondays : 7:30pm -9pm in Kleinburg 
    • Wednesdays:7:30pm -9pm in Toronto
                  •  The Human Emotional aspect of your character
                  •  Your Mental and Psychological qualities
                  •  The Spiritual aspect of your being
                  •  The Force that connects you to Higher consciousness  Read more
    • TO REGISTER:  647-748-3777 or Email [email protected]
    • *Registration Open (spots are limited) 
    • Investment: $180
    • With: Angela Tobón & Dane Osorio
    • Mindful Movements 
    • With Jackie Mirkopoulos, RMT, FSS
    • mindfull movement-1
    • Date: 2017   Investment: $35 + HST
    • Location: Vital Ki, Toronto
    • Do you find yourself having a hard time staying in one position for a long time? Do you feel too much tension in your body while meditating?  Well then this workshop is perfect for you!
    • This workshop has been designed to:
    • Help you begin a journey of building and strengthening your ability to handle mental and physical demands on your body and mind.
    • It is also a great way to prepare for the chakra meditations by opening up the body.
    • I have combined the practices of Mindful Meditation and LifeStretch in order to restore our mind/body connection.
    • Mindful Meditation is the practice of the non-judgmental observations of life from moment to moment.
    • Research supports that Mindful Meditation has helped people with anxiety, chronic pain, depression and much more.
    • LifeStretch is a mobility-stretch system that is fascially (connective tissue) based and designed to help you become more flexible in your body so that you feel more functionally mobile. Making you the most efficient you!
    • Each class consist of:
    • Breath work
    • Energy cleansing
    • Followed by a series of fascial stretching movements
    • Throughout the movements we will practice mindfulness and really build awareness of what our body is telling us
    • The use of bolsters, essential oils, healing crystals, and candlelight will be present in order to create the ideal atmosphere for your exploration
    • We will close each class with a circle for sharing (participation optional)
    • Looking forward to beginning a journey with you!
    • Past Vital Ki Events
    • Dane guiding the Hah, Mah, Ah, and the Super Moon rhythm
    •  Aug. 23 Community Event:

    • Thank you all for your support!
    • Kleinburg Binder Twine Festival 
    • THE SPIRIT WITHIN   Introductory Workshop:
    • The Chakras (The Human Energy System) And Reiki (an ancient Energy Healing tool)
    • Successful Workshop! 
    • Presented by: Roberto Jativa  Bio-Energy Therapist
    • Nice work Everyone
    •  Thank you Roberto
    • We are living a special time of Transition, Shift Energy and the Quest for Light. Learn several transformative tools that will allow you to understand who you really are.
    • Harmonize and Balance Your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.
    • Topics:
    • Tibetan exercises for energetic activation
    • Daily Essential Meditation
    • Introduction to Law of Attraction from a spiritual perspective
    • Process to release Negative Feelings and Physical Pain
    • Process to release Anger and Resentment
    • Processes to clear Negative Programing and Beliefs
    • Rainbow Flame Meditation
    • Process to clear your home energetically
    • Higher Self Meditation
    • Diamond Light Healing Matrix Meditation 
    • Vital Ki Programs
    • Vital Ki constantly holds events for our patients and the community to help better educate on how great health can be obtained and maintained.
    • As part of our event schedule we host:
    • Restorative Hatha Yoga Classes 
    • Yoga for Children 6yrs and up
    • Meditation Classes for Adults
    • Meditation Classes for Children 
    • Work-Shops with Dr. Lorenzo Diana, Naturopathic Medicine
    • Work-Shops with Roberto Jativa Bio-Energy Therapist
    • Work-Shops with Jackie, RMT
    • Lectures
    • Vital Ki Institute Educational programs
    •  Reiki Certification Courses
    • Reflexology Certification Courses
    • Meditation and Yoga  for Children!
    • Introduce your child to  Yoga & Meditation
    • Raise Levels  their of Consciousness!




      •  Connection to Mother Earth (Gaia)
      •  Practice Proper Breathing Exercises
      •  Playful and Fun Classes
      •  Encourage Calmness and Tranquility
      •  Reduce Anxiety, Depression
      •  Introduction to the Chakras (Energy System)
      •  Nurture a growing Mind
    • Dates to be determine
    • 647-748-3777
    • 352 Bedford Park Ave., Toronto (North of Lawrence and Avenue) 
    •  Meditation Fee: Children $50 (4Classes)
    • Yoga/Meditation combined Fee: Children $65 (4Classes)
    • Benefits of Children Meditation
    • By nature children are good meditators; empower your child’s physical, emotional, and mental health.
    • Children exist in a contemplative state; this ability is due to their attentive brainwave. They have a mechanism that allows them to cruise their journeys at a levels many grownups have forgotten possible. 
    • Meditation allows children to use their creative imagination without restrictions. Their fresh minds are in multidimensional Technicolor motion picture processes that lets them enjoy coming in and out of meditation easily.
    • In these powerful classes children will learn:
    •     To ground them-selves by rooting their energy into mother earth (Gaia).
    •     Feel more secure and willing to journey
    •     Find the stillness they need to meditate
    •     Tools to cope with everyday life
    •     To understand and experience their emotions in a healthy way
    •     To become more aware of who they are, their interests and their many talents
    •     To develop confidence
    •     To identify their relation to the community, family and others
    •     The basics of their fields of energy (the chakras)
    •     Dream without limitations
    •     To become active in their personal growth
    •     To be kind to them-selves, others and all living creatures
    •     To create their heaven here on earth
    •     To develop their own idea of meditation so that they can realize they have the power to define it
    •     To create their own believes about how the universe works
    •     To permit the creation of their own space 
    • Exercises and Journeys
    •     Breathing Meditation
    •     Physical awareness (muscle relaxation)
    •     Rooting Meditation (grounding) security
    •     Connection Meditation (connecting to light and the Universe)
    •     Cloud Carpet Meditation (for sleeping disorder)
    •     Identifying of emotions (the way feel and how to deal with it)
    •     Environment Meditation (appreciation of life and all creations)
    •     Relations (family, siblings, extended family, friends, school, and community)
    •     Self-worth Meditation
    •     True Communication Meditation
    •     Heart Meditation (Love, forgiveness, guilt, shame)
    • Grow from the inside out and awaken your true spirit
    • Learn to silence to your Mind
    • Deepen Your Personal Journey
    • Reduce:
    •  Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Fatigue
    •  Grow from the inside out, and find the guidance of your wisdom; only you, can awaken your true spirit
    • Meditation Courses Description
    • Module #1 (7 Classes)
    • First Teachings of Meditation
      The Seven Centers of Our Human Energy System (Chakras)
      In this first module we will learn to identify, activate and harmonized the seven primary centers of energy in our bodies, our Chakras.
      Pre-requisite: None
      Fee: $180 7 Classes
    • Module #2 (7 Classes) 
    • Awakening (The Truth) Teachings
      The Elements and our Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health
      Numerous studies have confirmed that those who meditated increased their alpha waves (the relaxed brain waves) and decreased the feeling of anxiety and depression.
      These classes have been designed for those who have completed Module #1 and would like to continue to learn and develop exploring the search for your higher selves.
      Pre-requisite: Module #1
      Fee: $180 7 Classes
    • Module #3 (7 Classes) 
    • The Alchemist Dream Power Teachings
      The Gateway to Ultimate Balance
      Module #3 is designed for those who have completed Modules #1 and #2, are beyond the physical/material dimension, and are ready to transcend to matters of higher values. Here we move from the low energies of fear, victimhood, self-pity, etc. allowing ourselves to recognize the lessons learned and the lessons we still have to learn.
      Pre-requisite: Module #2
      Fee: $180 7 Classes
    • Restorative Yoga

  • Restorative yoga provides healing for the body and the mind. It is especially useful for eliminating fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities. It can also help you recover from illness and injury or overcome emotional stress and anxiety that are caused by traumatic life events.
    Restorative classes are usually very relaxing and involve the use of props to support the body so that one can hold poses for longer, allowing to open your body through passive stretching. It is a relaxing style of practice that leaves you feeling open and refreshed.
    The postures are usually adapted from lying down or seated yoga poses with the addition of blocks, bolsters, and blankets to eliminate unnecessary straining. While some restorative yoga poses are beneficial to the entire body, others target specific parts of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, hips and lungs.
    It is known that restorative yoga can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which enables the regular nervous system to be at rest, and the body and mind will become more relaxed. Constant practice of restorative yoga will make your body less vulnerable to stress-related illnesses and help you achieve optimal health.
  • Fee: $15/class
    Package of 10 Classes: $90 ($9/each)
  • Reflexology Certification Degree
  • Reflexology: Reflexology is a natural medicine modality of both science and an art that activates the healing powers of the body. It has been practice for thousands of years in china, Japan, Egypt, Russia and other parts of the world including South America. It was believed that there are energy zones with in the body, that run throughout the body and reflex areas in the feet, hand, head, ears that correspond to all the major organs, glands, and body parts.
  • Studies have concluded that since energy ran throughout the body it could be accessed by tapping into specific points in the foot, head, hands, and ears to invigorated the organs, glands, and body parts health.   It requires careful study of the human body, truthful practice, and great skill.
    *Avenue Campus
    The Full Reflexology Degree Certification: Full Program 286 Hours $2,000
  • Foot Reflexology Certification Course:  178 Hour Program $975
  • Head Reflexology Certification Course:  36 Hour Program $450
  • Hand Reflexology Certification Course:  36 Hour Program $450
  • Ear Reflexology Certification Course:      36 Hour Program $ 450
  • Additional Reflexology Courses:
  • Reflexology as it relates to the Chakras: 8hr Course $200
  • Reflexology and the Meridians: 8hr Course $200
  • Foot Reflexology Certification Course:  3-Module Program: 178 hours $975
  • *Requirements for Entry: It is available to all students 18yrs and older, of all academic backgrounds. There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course.
    Foot Reflexology Module#1: $425
    Subject code: VK-REF-001-M01
    33 hours:    12 hours In-class training including 4.5 hours instruction practical
    10 hours home study
    10 hours documented Foot Reflexology sessions
    1 hour written exam
    Pre-requisite: None
    4 Thursday Evenings: 6:30pm-9:30pm
    Date: Feb.20, 27, Mar.6,13
    Pre-Pay Registration
    2 Fridays: 9:30am-3:30pm
    Date: Feb.21,22
    Pre-Pay Registration
    Foot Reflexology Module#2 30 hours $350
    Subject code: VK-REF-001-M02
    43 hours:   12 hours In-class training including 4.5 hours instruction practical
    10 hours home study
    20 hours documented Foot Reflexology sessions
    1 hour written exam
    Pre-requisite: Foot Reflexology Module#1
    4 Thursday Evenings: 6:30pm-9:30pm
    or  2 Fridays Feb.21, 22: 9:30am-3:30pm
    Date: TBD
  • Foot Reflexology Module#3 $250
  • Subject code: VK-REF-001-M03
    47 hours:     12 hours In-class training including 4.5 hours instruction practical
    10 hours home study
    25 hours documented Foot Reflexology sessions
    1 hour written exam
    Pre-requisite: Foot Reflexology Module#2
    4-Thursday Evenings: 6:30pm-9:30pm
    Date: TBD
  • Reiki Certification Degree
    The Degree Certification Levels are:
  • First Degree (Shoden Or Attunement & First Teachings)
  • This First Degree Reiki course focuses primarily on physical healing. Learn the history of Reiki, the energy system and the nature of Reiki energy, learn to treat yourself and others through opening Reiki channel and learning to practice the techniques.
  • Subject code: VK-REI-001 Course Fee: $280
    1 class Jan. 24 9:30 am.-6pm. Sunday
    Pre-requisite: None
  • Second Degree (Okuden – Inner Teachings)
  • The focus of Second Degree Reiki course is on the healing of the mental and emotional issues. Learn about the Reiki symbols and distance sessions. Acquire in depth the knowledge to change unwanted behaviours and habits and evolve to manifest permanent change.
    Learn the sacred symbols used in Reiki for enhancing the Reiki power and extending the use of Reiki.
  • Subject code: VK-REI-002 Course Fee: $380
    1 class March 27th  9:30 am.-6 pm. Sunday
  • Third Degree (Shinpiden – Mystery teachings) –
  • Learn to focused on spiritual healing and reach a higher level of vibration of consciousness and become more creative. Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Increase the effectiveness of your Reiki.
    Subject code: VK-REI-003 Course Fee: $1,500
  • 2 day class Fri. & Sat. (TBD)
  • Pre-requisite: Reiki First & Second Degree Case studies and  proved practice.
  • Master/ Teacher (Shihan- Professor)
  • This Course is designed for those experienced Practitioners who have successfully completed 3 years of practice and want to learn to teach Reiki to others.
    Pre-requisite: Reiki First, Second, & Third Degree, plus 3yrs years of proved practice.
  • Subject code: VK-REI-004 Course Fee: $2,500
  • 2 day class Friday & Saturday  (TBD)
  • *Note: If you withdraw from a course one week or before the dated scheduled class, your course fee or deposit is refundable, less a $50.00 non-refundable registration charge will be applied.
  • Benefits of Yoga & Meditation:
  • 1.   STRESS RELIEF:  Yoga and Meditation can reduce the physical effects of stress on the body. By encouraging relaxation, it helps to lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Related benefits include lowering blood pressure and heart rate, improving digestion and boosting the immune system as well as easing symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, asthma and insomnia.
  • 2.  PAIN RELIEF:   Yoga and Meditation can ease pain. Studies have demonstrated that practicing meditation or a combination of Yoga and Meditation, reduced pain for people with conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, auto-immune diseases and hypertension as well as arthritis, back and neck pain and other chronic conditions.
  • 3.   BETTER BREATHING: Yoga and Meditation teaches people to take slower, deeper breaths. This helps to improve lung function, trigger the body’s relaxation response and increase the amount of oxygen available to the body.
  • 4.   FLEXIBILITY: Yoga and Meditation also helps to improve body alignment resulting in better posture and helping to relieve back, neck, joint and muscle problems.
  • 5.   INCREASED STRENGTH: Yoga and Meditation can provide an additional benefit of helping to relieve muscular tension.
  • 6.   WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Yoga and Meditation can aid weight control efforts by reducing the cortisol levels as well as by reducing stress. Meditation may also encourage healthy eating habits and provides a heightened sense of well being and self esteem.
  • 7.   IMPROVED CIRCULATION: Yoga and Meditation and the stretching exercises helps to improve circulation and, as a result of various stretching, more efficiently moves oxygenated blood to the body’s cells.
  • 8.   CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONING:  Yoga and Meditation can provide cardio-vascular benefits by lowering resting heart rate, increasing endurance and improving oxygen uptake during breathing and stretching exercise.
  • 9.   FOCUS ON THE PRESENT:  Yoga and Meditation helps us to focus on the present, to become more aware and to help create mind body health. It opens the way to improved concentration, coordination, reaction time and memory.
  • 10.   INNER PEACE: The pondering aspects of Yoga and Meditation can help many to reach a deeper, more spiritual and more satisfying place in their lives. Many who begin to practice for other reasons have reported this to be a key reason that Yoga and Meditation have become an essential part of their daily lives.
  • To get more information about upcoming classes and events please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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