Holistic Education

Holistic Education

Vital Ki Institute of Natural and Holistic Healing offers a selection of courses to our patients, clients and the general public.

These Courses include:


Meditation Teacher Training Program.  Learn More!


Reiki Level 1 First Degree(Shoden Or Attunement & First Teachings) – Subject code: VK-REI-001

 Call or email us to register.

Reiki Level 2    Second Degree (Okuden – Inner Teachings) –Subject code: VK-REI-002

 Call or email us to register.

Reiki Level 3 Third Degree/Master (Shinpiden – Mystery teachings) – Subject code: VK-REI-003

 Call or email us to register.

Reiki Level 4  Master/ Teacher (Shihan- Professor) –Subject code: VK-REI-004


Full Reflexology Degree Certification: VK-REF-000 Full Program    

  1. Foot Reflexology Certificate: VK-REF-FT010: 180 Hour (35hr in Class Lectures )
  2. Hand Reflexology Certification Course VK-REF-HN020: (8hr in Class Lecture)
  3. Head Reflexology Certification Course VK-REF-HD030: (8hr in Class Lecture)
  4. Ear Reflexology Certification Course VK-REF-ER040:     (8hr in Class Lecture

Guided Meditation Courses:

Chakra Meditation Certification Course Module #1

The Elements Certification Course Module #2

Turning Point Module #3

Power vs. Force Module #4

Energy Matrix Module #5

7 Levels of Consciousness Module #6

The Alchemist Module #7

Pleiadian Lightwork Courses

Full Sensory Perception (Fsp)

Opening Your Ka Channels

Adama Hamilton

Dates in 2019

For any questions or more information about our
2019-2020 Vital Ki Institute Calendar
call 416-854-6244 or email us at info@vitalki.com

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