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Reiki (Ray-Key) comes from the Japanese words ‘rei’ meaning universal and ‘ki’ meaning life force. Every living thing has life force or energy and when it flows freely and is balanced we are healthy and happy. When the energy level is low or imbalanced we are more susceptible to illness and stress.
Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing developed in the early 1900’s by Dr.Mikao Usui. Reiki has been practiced by healers and Buddhist monks for centuries. It rebalances and replenishes the energy in your body stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
Reiki can ease stress, clear the mind and help to relieve physical ailments. It is not a cure for illness but can relieve symptoms and help strengthen the immune system which is often lowered by stress.

Reiki Level 1 First Degree

(Shoden Or Attunement & First Teachings) – 

Subject code: VK-REI-001 Course Fee: $275

This First Degree Reiki course focuses primarily on physical healing. Learn the history of Reiki, the energy system and the nature of Reiki energy, learn to treat yourself and others through opening Reiki channel and learning to practice the techniques.

The student receives reiju (aka denju, or attunement) where he/she is initiated to the Reiki energy and taught basic  for administering Reiki on the self and others.In Japan, this level is called Shoden.

Full Day: Sun. October 6th  11:30am-6:30PM


  • Introduction
  • Affirmation of Intention To Reiki Practice
  • Energy Initiation Ritual
  • Reiki: Definition
  • Reiki: History
  • Reiki: Principles and Ethics
  • Reiki: Attunements
  • Reiki: Practice, How It Works And Its Benefits


  • Japanese methods (Hatsurei Ho)
    • Brushing off or Dry Bathing
    • (Ken joku)
    • Breathing meditation
    • (Jyoshin kokyu)
    • Gassho breathing
  • Self Treatments
  • Preparations
  • Positioning of hands


  • Reiki Treatment: of other people
  • Reiki Treatment: of animals
  • Reiki Treatment: of plants
  • Reiki Treatment: of our environment; food and drinks, inorganic things
  • Group Treatment
  • Reiki Circle
  • Writing evaluation
  • Practice evaluation
  • Certificates

Reiki Level 2

Second Degree (Okuden – Inner Teachings) –

Subject code: VK-REI-002  Course Fee: $399 

Reiki levle2

The Second Degree Reiki, Okuden, (Inner Teachings) Reiki Level II. Here you start learning about Sacred Geometry and the initiation of the first 3 Reiki symbols their meanings and their use are taught and the student receives another attunement. This symbols are used to increase the power of the Reiki energy, deal with mental and emotional issues, and to support Reiki distance healings. In the original Japanese system, this level is called Okuden (sometimes Chuuden), and you would not be offered this level of training unless you can exhibit certain energy recognition skills and have completed the requirement internship practice.

The focus of Second Degree Reiki course is on the healing of the mental and emotional issues. Learn about the Reiki symbols and distance sessions. Acquire in depth the knowledge to change unwanted behaviours and habits and evolve to manifest permanent change.
Learn the sacred symbols used in Reiki for enhancing the Reiki power and extending the use of Reiki.

Full Day: Sunday November 3rd  11:30am -6:30pm

 Reiki Level 3

Third Degree (Shinpiden – Mystery teachings) –

Subject code: VK-REI-003 Course Fee: $999

reiki level 3

Learn to focused on spiritual healing and reach a higher level of vibration of consciousness and become more creative. Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Increase the effectiveness of your Reiki.

The Third Degree is called Shinpiden, (the mystery teachings) Reiki Level III; advanced teaching of Reiki Training; where we will continue to expand on Energy Healing and Sacred Geometry symbols. The course has a unique transcendence in the process of self-realisation it marks the gateway to the path of Light where you will continue to expand your connection with your spiritual self.  This connection is passed via the methods established by Mikao Usui Sensei, that have been faithfully passed down to us for many decades.

Very important that your journey till now have encompassed to a large extent the practice of Energy Healing.

This level of training is only offered to students who have successfully completed the Levels 1 and 2 and demonstrated extensive self-healing preparation, have fulfil all requirements and completed internship practice.

Shinpiden level is not a level to be taken carelessly.  It flourishes after deep commitment to Reiki and your spiritual growth or evolution

Oct. 12-13 & 14

Friday 6pm-9:30pm
Sat. 10:30-5:30pm
Sun. 10:30-5:30pm

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*Prerequisite: Reiki First, & Second, Practical Intern form Completed plus Case Studies, and  3  years of proven practice.

Reiki Level 4

Master/ Teacher (Shihan- Professor) –

Subject code: VK-REI-004 $2,497

reiki level 4

This Course is designed for those experienced Practitioners who have successfully completed 5 years of practice and want to learn to teach Reiki to others.

The Fourth Degree is called Shihan, (Master/ Teacher) Reiki Level IV;

All Usui Sensei’s teachings are accomplished by this Fourth and final Degree.  This degree in not only learned is earned. The aim of these teachings is to focus on the cultivation of the student’s inner mind, emotional intelligence, attitude and confidence.

It is here where wisdom pulls together the spiritual and healing experience you gained through raising the vibration between the levels of Reiki within you and the level of Reiki of the Universe.

In taking on the new role of Reiki Master, it is crucial to distinguish the importance of teaching the philosophy of Mikao Usui Sensei. It is equally important to pass the torch of pure Reiki energy with the same love and respect as is given.

There is no real advantage to rushing your Reiki practice, dedication, knowledge and experience are a big part of it.  Self-development is priceless, allow it to take place as it prepares you for your life as a Reiki Master.  By this continuing evolution, you build the foundation of your spiritual expansion, with the purpose of achieving highest peace of mind, humility and the true appreciation of the power of Reiki

Toronto Campus


*Prerequisite: Reiki First, Second, & Third Degree,  Practical Intern form Completed

plus Case Studies, and  5yrs years of proved practice.

Vital Ki Institute Policy

  • 100% of course fees are payable when registering
  • Cancellation of attendance is required a minimum of two weeks prior to the start date and will be charged a $50 administrative fee. 


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