Fertility Services

 Services that May Help Fertility

The approach of fertility treatment is always unique for each woman.

Concerns to address may be:

– Support Hormonal balance

–  Increase of Energy and blood flow to the reproductive organs.

–  Stimulation of all organs that may   blocked.

– Stress, and other issues.

Acupuncture May Help Increase chance of IVF success

Acupuncture May Increase getting Pregnant by 65%

“Acupuncture treatments are also effective in improving pregnancy outcomes in women undergoing  IVF and ART. Studies show that acupuncture improves pregnancy outcome if performed on day of embryo transfer  and ovarian hyperstimulation “

(Ref: Asian Integrative Medicine Learning Course, May 2013).Reference to:The Associated Press Posted: Feb 08, 2008 10:22 AM ET Last Updated: Feb 08, 2008 10:13 AM ET


Our approach:

There are several labels for the infertility conditions when an assessment is given for either a woman or a man such as:

– Low sperm count

– Irregular menstrual cycles

– Polycystic ovaries

– Endometriosis

– Inadequate luteal phase which determines the time of ovulation within the menstrual cycle

– Oligomenorrhea is define as infrequent or very   light menstruation

– And more.

In TCM diagnoses these tags do not translate easily; the approach is rather different.

The TCM Practitioner addresses all symptoms the patient is experiencing and proceeds to assess it to fit a TCM diagnostic pattern appropriately suitable for the pati

Acupuncture treatments preferably begin 2 to 3 months before undertaken any assisted reproductive treatments.

According to several recent studies, combining IUI or IVF procedures and acupuncture, is significantly effective.

 *Health Benefits May Cover these Treatments*

Main categories of infertility in Natural and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • Kidney Deficiency
  • Heart and Liver Qi Stagnation
  • Blood Stagnation
  • Phlegm-damp Accumulation
  • Yin/Yang excess or depletion
  • Energy (Qi)

The idea is reinforce the energy and all organs.

General Acupuncture Treatment Principles that May Help Infertility:

  1.  Before trying we will work on normalizing and balancing the menstrual cycle if needed.
  2.  We will use this time to restore and stimulate any dysfunctions of the cycle by creating a free flow of energy and to remove energetic blocks, stimulating blood flow and body fluids; thus setting a good foundation.
  3.  Then we will begin opening the primary pathways of elimination while calming, nurturing, and detoxing vital organs and body systems.
  4.  We will focus on mineral balance, proper water absorption, normal PH, electrolyte levels, digestive enzymes, probiotics, drainage support for the colon, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymph lungs, and spleen.
  5.  Work on decreasing anxiety and/or stress which can impair and  affect conception.
  6.  Boost menstrual phases with acupuncture protocol : Day 5, 10, 14 and 21 of cycle
  7.  Diet and Lifestyle recommendations at specific stages of cycle. Eg eliminate coffee and ice cream and increase Yin foods that build blood such as animal protein etc.
  8. Once pregnant, treatments can continue.



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