The basis of sound therapy is very scientific, it is known that everything is vibration based on science and our own intuition.

“Everything is Vibrating, Everything is Frequency – Hum along.”

Spirt Drum

The idea of Sound Therapy Healing, is to address all of our bodies:

Physical, Mental, Emotional and of course our Spirit.
In the Physical Level we address the discomfort of tired body, inflammation, or pain etc. in this level we are more conscious of our energy, because more tangible and we feel and experience it first-hand.

In the Mental level we have several deficiencies depending of our condition, such as memory loss, uncontrollable mind chatter, and other mental brainwave issues such as sleep disorders, ADD, ADHD and many more mental disorders.

In the Emotional level we experience discomfort manifesting in feelings of overwhelming, negative sensations, stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

When we are in harmony with the all those levels, our inner-self awakens, giving place for the Spirit to connect at deeper levels of consciousness, here we experience bliss and a sensation of deeper connection.

In all the Sound Therapy Healing Sessions we are providing a guide for transforming one’s life with the secrets of vibration and frequency to amplify higher states of consciousness and be able to heal and maintain health.

“The beauty of looking at everything as frequency is that there is no judgment – it is just what it is. And, as you will see, there are certain laws that govern how one frequency affects another. These laws of physics are relevant not only in our 3D world, but also seem to be the same in the quantum world of intention, and the world of Spirit.”
© 2013 David Gibson