Synergica (Face & Body Reshaping)

Synergica (Face & Body Reshaping)

[frame type=”right” width=”250″ height=”155″ src=””]Penetrating the skin with cosmetics is one of the main obstacles which have to be overcome in aesthetics. Maya Beauty Engineering has always considered to be important this basic principle and has created a serie of machines which are able to overcome this important obstacle. Our oxygen system machines Oxy Megastation and Oxy Life are the most attractive expression of this need of penetrating the cornum barrier, but not all the beauty salons have the same purchasing power.

For this reason SYNERGICA has been created: the latest “jewel” in Maya Beauty Engineering factory.

Indications are:

  • Impure skin
  • Face moisturisation
  • Face toning
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Pale skin
  • Drainage
  • Pigmentation
  • Cellulite
  • Body toning
  • Breast toning
  • Stretch-marks

Programs are:

  • Preparatory Cleaning
  • Moisturising Face
  • Face Firming
  • Vitaminic Anti Age (with FRUITS)
  • Drainage
  • Pigmentation
  • Cellulite
  • Body Toning
  • Stretch marks
  • Breast Firming
  • Pressure point

The machine is conceived with 11 different programs which are different for every single indications. They are different for: intensity, electrical impulses, light impulses and duration.

The name of the machine is due to the synergy between energy and light which are at the base of the methodology of our new SYNERGICA.

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The Synergica Multicolour unit was created as an apparatus for the penetration & absorption of active principles in Meso-Aesthetics. It utilizes the newest advances in & potentials of electroporation, electrokinetics, electro-osmosis and chromotherapy. The action & effectiveness of these techniques as biotransportation methods are based on conclusive scientific studies regarding electroporation and electro-osmosis. Synergica,
a) achieves improved skin permeability and
b) encourages (drives) the absorption of agents into deeper layers of the dermis.

Basic Principles:

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The principle behind the Synergy Machine is:
Ionic Stimulation (or Electroporation)

Ionic stimulation is an electrotherapy technique that uses an electric field to help penetrate the skin. At the same time it encourages exchanges between cells, normalises connective equilibrium and increases biological and enzymatic processes.

In practice, the bio energy in the body’s cell exchange systems is used to treat the skin in a completely physiological manner.

This is because the electric field increases the dynamism of the ionized and polarized flows as well as triggering and improving metabolic tissue regeneration.

Recent observations have established that ionic stimulation encourages the transfer of neutral substances into the skin layers.
This is helped by the electro-osmosis phenomenon that accompanies this kind of application.

Electro-osmosis is a similar phenomenon to osmosis and involves transferring a substance through the porous septum of a liquid thanks to the difference in potential between the two faces of the septum.

Another important contribution to the improvement of the exchange action produced by our ionic stimulation treatment is the vasodilatation effect induced by the electric handpieces used.

The channels that the cosmetic substances generally choose to penetrate the skin are gland ducts, piliferous channels, pores and the spaces between the cells.
Chromotherapy: As amber derives from yellow and red, below is a description of the beneficial effects and variations that this colour, chosen for Synergica unit, has on the skin system and the energy-giving interstructural system.

In beauty treatments, yellow has many important and efficacious functions.
It brings strength and harmony to the central nerve system, and can therefore be used on all paravertebral areas with a consequent positive effect on all the organs situated at the front of the body such as the stomach, intestine and bladder.
It also has a detoxifying effect on skin tissue and is particularly suited to all kinds of skin suffering from asphyxia, impurities or acne.
On the body it is ideal for the treatment of both fibrous and edematose cellulite accumulation.

Red has stimulating, energising effects on both blood circulation and the entire sensory system.
As a result red is particularly suited to the treatment of poor energy levels.
In the field of beauty treatment it is used for its hyper-hematizing and toning effects.
In cases of both skin and body vasodilatation we recommend the use of an electrode with an amber light in the areas around lymph discharge. This reduces problems such as teleangiectasis, rashes and couperosis.
From the observations made above, it is evident that an amber light can be highly efficacious for a wide range of skin flaws on both the face and body.
Amber is a fusion of colours that is particularly suited to equipment such as the Synergica unit, which successfully treats the most common skin flaws such as lack of firmness, wrinkles and stretch marks as well as thoroughly cleaning the skin.


Since the dawn of time, juicy fruits, soft vegetables and tender leaves have been at the forefront of mankind’s attempt to protect his vulnerable skin against the effects of harsh climates and inclement nature. A natural form of first aid, these elements have always been used as rudimentary cleansers and dressings for damage caused by thorns, bark and rock.
Just as it was once so important for cures and treatments, fruit now also plays a leading role in cosmetic hygiene. Over the centuries, different cultures have perfected different therapies and this means that now fruit has any number of uses.
In recent years, detailed research and testing has shown time and time again just how important fruit juices, pulps and extracts are for the human body. After all, nearly all fruits are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C and many also contain vitamin B3 and B6.
What modern dermatology has taught antique cosmetic practices is that in beauty products there must be no trace whatsoever of anything even fractionally toxic or harmful. To summarise this concept, you can put on your skin anything that you would normally eat, or in other words, every skin has its own fruit.

This brings us to orange, grapefruit, strawberry and kiwi, the fruits traditionally used in cosmetics because of the natural richness in their high concentration of vitamins, trace elements, flavonoids (vegetable pigments), amino acids, and mineral salts.

oranges are particularly effective for combating the effects of skin ageing;
pineapples help remedy “orange peel” skin;
strawberries stimulate cell renewal and maintain the skin’s velvety qualities; and
kiwi fruit improves tissue tone.

References to the beneficial effects of fruit acid on the skin date back to ancient Egypt, where various manuscripts have been found giving detailed descriptions of cosmetic products containing macerated apple and grape juices for smoothing and moisturising the skin.

The cosmetic effects of fruit can be summarised in 4 points:
1 vitaminic action
2 softer, lighter skin
3 a firmer epidermis
4 improved moisturisation

Many creams include fruit-based ingredients but Sinergica is the only equipment that allows your skin to benefit from these qualities straight from the source, straight from fresh fruit.

Oranges are always good for all of us. Their high vitamin C content and thirst quenching properties are well known but orange leaves and flowers also have numerous beneficial properties.
Oranges are one of the last fruits to blossom in the year. Deep in the heart of winter their sunny colour revives all the golden splendour of summer. Oranges explode with joy, from their colour to the subtle scent of their peel, their abundant juice and their distinctive tangy taste.
Nature charges oranges with vitamin C. Then, as this is so unstable, it wraps not one, but two barriers around the fruit to protect it. The first is, of course, the peel whose rich, essential oils act as a natural defence against oxidation and bacterial contamination. The second is pectin, the polymer found in fruit pulp, which forms a natural protective shell around the vitamin C.
When used in its entirety, orange extract brings all the benefits of vitamin C to the skin, as well as other natural components, such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, H and PP, and amino acids.
Vitamins, in general, activate our vital system, protecting the cellular membranes, reinforcing skin resistance, stimulating intercellular exchanges and delaying ageing.
Vitamin C, a cofactor in the collagen synthesis process, is used in cosmetics for its anti free radical action and pro-moisturising qualities. It also has a bleaching effect on the skin as it combats tyrosine, the amino acid responsible for melanin synthesis.
Vitamin C also helps delay the skin’s natural loss of suppleness due to ageing by trapping the malonaldehyde, (produced by lipid oxidation), responsible for forming the bridges between collagen molecules. Orange-based creams that are rich in vitamin C can be combined with glycolic acid to rejuvenate skin, stop it ageing, regenerate dead cells, and reactivate skin tone and suppleness.

In folk traditions strawberries have always had special, magical powers. And today some people still believe they are a kind of natural “aspirin”.
Strawberries are rich in vitamin C (even richer than oranges and lemons), folic acid, ellagic acid, catechin, leukoanthocyanin, fibre, potassium and vitamins B1 and B2.
They also contain numerous trace minerals, including calcium, iron, phosphorus and iodine.
Thanks to their high level of vitamin C, strawberries have an anti-oxidant action and are particularly recommended for all anti-age treatments.
Strawberries are also made up of 90% water and levulose, the sugar they contain, is burnt up by the human body very easily, which is why they are one of the few fruits that diabetics can enjoy.
Strawberries also destroy numerous infectious micro-organisms in the body. The higher the concentration, the more powerful its anti-viral action.

In many cultures pineapple is served after large meals to aid digestion.
This special quality is due to the fact that the fruit contains a sulfhydrylic enzyme, bromelin, whose proteolytic action is particularly effective in digesting even the most complex meat and fish proteins.
Bromelin is, in fact, so effective that it is now the basis of a series of anti-inflammatory drugs. The total absence of anything toxic and its considerable therapeutic qualities make the stalk of the pineapple an essential part of any localised anti-inflammatory (edema reabsorption) treatment.
In beauty care powdered pineapple stalk is used widely as a diuretic agent and to combat cellulite build-up.

Pineapple also contains active fibrinolytic principles that act on the blood vessels, reducing vasodilatation and excessive capillary permeability, symptoms that may cause inflammation or localised aches and pains.
The fruit is also rich in potassium, vitamins A and C and cellulose and its citric acid content is only fractionally lower than that of oranges and lemons.
Its diuretic action, stimulated by the organic acids it contains, also helps combat liquid retention.

Kiwi fruit (Actinidia chinensis) originally comes from China , where it is known as yang-ta.
This delicious fruit has any number of qualities that make it a friend of good health. It is extremely rich in nutritious substances, first of all vitamin C, then vitamin E, and also contains precious mineral salts and trace elements, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper and zinc. This composition means the fruit has both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
Kiwi fruit also contains the amino acid, arginine, which dilates the blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

VITAMINS AND MINERALS – a few brief comments on their properties

The best way for your body to absorb vitamins is through food, because elements never exist in their pure state (pure protein, pure liquid, etc) in nature. Instead they are always mixtures of proteins, minerals, vitamins and so on, as this makes it easier for us to absorb them.
Synthetic vitamins, on the other hand, are “pure” and may also contain tar, artificial colouring, preservatives, sugar and other additives.
It is also important to remember that a correct vitamin intake should go hand in hand with a correct mineral intake. On one hand, this synergy ensures that all elements are present, and on the other, it reinforces vitaminic functions.
A correct balance between minerals is good for the human body, whereas an imbalance may have negative effects.

Vitamin A (beta-carotene)
Vitamin A is very useful for dermatological problems such as acne. It also reinforces the body’s immunity system and slows down the ageing process.

Vitamin B3 (niacin)
Vitamin B3 is fundamental for healthy skin and good circulation.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is fundamental for skin growth and scarring. It also reinforces the body’s immunity system and helps prevent ageing. This vitamin works in synergy with vitamin E.

Vitamin E
This is a very useful antioxidant that improves circulation, repairs tissues and delays ageing. To keep a correct level of vitamin in its bloodstream, the human body needs zinc.


It is a small and compact unit which, as previously said, combining electroporation and biostimulation, is able to give wonderful results both on the face and body.
The pulsed light has been intensified, so it is more effective and visible while the unit is working.
This device is the only machine which can work with fresh fruits on face and body thus performing a real vitaminic treatment.
In consideration of the huge success obtained when working with fresh vitamins directly from fruit, we have formulated a series of new “tasty” jellies based on fruit properties and vitamins which can be flushed into the skin thanks to transdermal delivery.
These jellies, which exploit the active principles contained in the fruit, have been properly formulated to act in combination with the special current used and there is a choice of fruit flavours, which can be selected depending on the skin flaws to be treated.
Working with these new jellies is like applying a fruit concentrate onto the skin and the results are immediate.
Last but not least, in order to make the unit more comfortable and practical, it has been equipped with a very attractive trolley with a special hand piece holder.

This new trolley is light, easily movable and very steady, in order to facilitate once more the work of the beautician.


Being a synergy between ionic stimulation and monochromatic chromotherapy, the Synergica deserves the name of CELLULAR ACTIVATOR!

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