Our Products

We have a Small Selection of High Quality Vitamins, Supplements, and Holistic Products

These include:

  • Aroma therapy and bath and body care products
  • Incense and incense burning kits
  • Sage, Palo Santo
  • Herbal teas and cotton tea bags
  • Feng Shui products
  • Massage products including oils and lotions
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Herbal remedy tinctures
  • Custom Crystal Jewellry
  • Fantastic Seasonal Kits: Healing Remedies for Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall
  • Essential Oils
  • Crystal Power: Working With Gemstones!
  • Creating Beauty: It’s Not Just Symmetry!
  • Insomnia: Herbal Solutions for Better Sleep!
  • Immuno Boosters


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