Natural Cosmetic Facelift

Natural Cosmetic Facelift

Benefits of Natural Cosmetic Facelift offered by Vital-Ki include:

  • Slows the Aging Process
  • Reduce Bags/Dark Circles Under Eyes
  • Improves Complexion & Radiance of the Skin
  • Gives a Youthful Glow
  • Gives Vitality to a Tired Looking Face
  • Minimize/Erase Wrinkles
  • Firms sagging skin, puffy eyes and droopy eyelids
  • Rosacea, acne and red complexion
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Scars and much, much more!

Other benefits than facial rejuvenation during this treatment are: relaxation, improvement of organ function, decreased stress levels and balancing of energy.

Micro Current/Tissue Repair

Benefits of Natural Cosmetic Facelift offered by Vital-Ki include:Micro current stimulation is applied to the face, causing muscles of the face tauter, skin to thicken, collagen to increase, tissues to heal more rapidly, and a general glow of health. Microcurrent face lift is an alternative to plastic surgery and botox. Micro current facial treatments have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show and are one of the hottest cosmetic touch-ups among Hollywood celebrities.


[frame type=”left” width=”106″ height=”106″ src=””]Micro-Current treatments are completely non-invasive and safe; it uses a mechanism of two cotton-tipped probes that sends a micro-electrical pulse through to the facial area.

Scientists have found that the procedure increases Elastin fibers by 48%, Collagen by 14% and Blood Circulation by 38%. Microcurrent facelift treatments trigger the body’s production of amino acids and ATP and accelerates cell repair and promotes healthier cell production. It is the most painless effective treatment available today for facial aesthetics.

Facial Acupressure or Shiatsu

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Facial Acupressure or Shiatsu points greatly improve the local circulation of blood and are very effective at relieving stress and anxiety that can show up on the face.

To learn more about how this painless procedure can leave you feeling more relaxed and looking better please ask your Vital Ki practitioner for more information or contact our clinic to schedule a consultation. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture

[frame type=”left” width=”106″ height=”106″ src=””]Cosmetic Acupuncture is a non-surgical procedure of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), method based on the principals of the meridian system or energy pathways of the body. Cosmetic Acupuncture existed for thousands of years in China, going back to the Sung Dynasty (960AD-1270AD).

A report in The Journal of Chinese Medicine, Number 72, June 2003, by Radha Thambirajah, concluded that the effects of Cosmetic Acupuncture have striking and long-lasting effects. Several studies reported that about 90% of cosmetic acupuncture had remarkable results with one course of treatment.


It involves the insertion of hair-thin disposable needles into specific areas and into the energy pathways or meridians to improve the flow of Qi (energy). As the movement of energy improves, a greater amount of energy and blood are circulated to the face.

Course of Treatment

A specific course will be determined for each individual depending on specific needs. Generally a series of 10-12 sessions performed weekly or twice a week is recommended. Noticeable results may occur after 3rd-4th session and drastic results around the 7th or 8th session.

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