‘What we think we become’ Buddha

‘What we think we become’ Buddha
If every thought plants us a seed, every motive is a product of our intention. We all lead the path of our unique journey. Our emotions are integral to our wellbeing, our unique experiences a role in our own adventure. Humility before righteousness, a path of least resistance one less likely to take. With gratitude the new plant to crop, the fruit of our labor will reward you with its kindness. A gift we are all ready to receive it just needs us to ask. Happiness is a habit, cultivate it.

If we approach our day in a fast pace we can expect life to rush us by. Give yourself a moment to ponder, a brief time to wonder, set the tone to your choosing. With integrity, go forward with grace. Life need not be difficult, the more we convince ourselves the more drudgery, the greater the regrets. We can all nourish our vitality.

The gentle stream of ebb & flow gliding as we go, yonder awaits but not quite yet. I feel a tingle in my toes.

When we allow ourselves to embrace the power of perception we charter our own course. We can always put one foot forward the path lights up when we raise our chin to ascend. So chart the course and head for North! So stand back from the window and feel your way around, be the captain and stargaze be your charter, your oasis awaits.

Peace of mind is a destination that can be readily found, a divine spirit lies within us all and its expression speaks the language familiar to you. A humble companion whose presence is as fulfilling as it is pure. Our destination cannot be fulfilled if we don’t focus on our intention. Our inward gaze reveals lessons still yet to be learned, a pause from thought a moment of clarity. Our character will always be a work in progress; don’t deny yourself the opportunity to work on your defects, your wellbeing and your mind will thank you for it.
By: Tom Corbett