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The Chakras



The Seven Centers of Our Human Energy System (Chakras)

We are excited to be offering this awesome 7 week Guided Meditation course on The 7 Chakras! Every Wednesday evening from 7:30pm- 9:00pm. April 19th – May 31st.
In Toronto at Vital Ki Natural Health & Wellness Center.

Sit in circle every Wednesday with Reiki Masters Angie Tobon and Dane Osorio as you tap into a Chakra and find out how you are carrying your energy, and what depletes you. Learn how to clear, heal, energize and balance this specific chakra as we take you on a beautiful guided meditation and on a 7 week evolving journey!

*We are offering a special rate of $160 as a courtesy special and for returning students for the 7 class course (save $20!)*

Module #1 Guided Meditation Course Outline

The Seven Centers of Our Human Energy System (Chakras):

These first series of classes have been designed to help you learn and develop your own method to Meditation.

Learn to awaken the true you, as you evolve, you will lean to silence your mind and find peace and happiness within.

Module #1 First Teachings of Meditation are suitable for all.


In order to meditate freely, it is very important to fully reach a state of relaxation, grounding and connection.

We will be focusing on:

  •  Releasing stress and bad energy
  • Clearing Aura energy around us and our space
  • Stretching and relaxation of the body
  • Sharing Source Energy & Creating our own Energy
  • Breathing exercise * 9 point breathing technique
  • Connection to the Universe, Divine Light, God
  • Grounding ourselves with Earth’s energy
  • Protection, alignment of the spine
  • Clearing our chakras
  • Gate opening to our inner journey

The First 7 Classes Series consist on:

The Seven Centers of our Human Energy System (Chakras):

1.   Introduction of our Energy Fields,  Meeting our higher self:  Clearing and Balancing Base or Root Chakra (Your Origen)

2.   Clearing and Balancing Sacral Chakra

3.   Clearing and Balancing Solar plexus

4.   Clearing and Balancing Heart Chakra

5.   Clearing and Balancing Throat Chakra.

6.   Clearing and Balancing Third eye Chakra

7.   Clearing and Balancing Crown Chakra: Full Energetic Field Clearing and Balancing Journey with You and YOU!

Pre-requisite: None

New 7 Week Course Starting!

Wednesdays – April 19th – May 31st

Time; 7:30pm-9:00pm 

Location: Vital Ki Wellness Center

352 Bedford Park Ave.

Toronto, Ontario, M5m 1J8

Call or email for more info and to register
647 748 3777

This course is designed for people with or without Meditation experience.

Fee: We are offering a special rate of $160 as an early bird special and for returning students for the 7 class course (save $20!) if you register by Friday April 14th!


Regular price and rate after April 14th – $180 ( 7 Classes)