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Roberto Jativa


Remote Reading/Healing sessions with Roberto Játiva

All sicknesses can be healed if we harmonize the root cause present in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

His focus is to guide you in the process to reconnect yourself with your Higher Self of the light (Guardian Angel) and with Mother Earth, as well as, to help you to release factors that are causing you inner and outer conflict.

These sessions have the same effectiveness in person and over the phone/Skype, since we are primarily energy and we are all interconnected through the time and space. Using your full name Roberto is capable of tuning with your frequency wherever you are.

At the beginning of the session, Roberto will contact your Higher Self of light to find out your core issues for the present moment. His objective is to heal your aura, chakras, soul, subconscious, unconscious and energetic bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and astral) through the following processes:

· Removing possessions (dark entities, spirits, energetic parasites, black magic and control devices)
· Eliminating negative beliefs and contracts that stock your spiritual growth and that can be affecting you from past lives
· Removing energies of trauma, pain and shock
· Removing energetic cords from other people from this life time and from past lives
· Repairing energetic matrixes and sacred geometry
· Eliminating negative patterns of fear
· Healing past lives
· Healing your Soul including black holes
· Clearing and activating your Kundalini energy and your tantric channels
· Healing your inner child
· Getting information from your Akashic records.

About Roberto:

He is a clairsentient (ability to feel emotional states and energetic fields of others) healer with 16 years of experience. As a clairsentient healer, he has developed the precise ability to identify your limiting core beliefs (ego personality) and karmic lessons that you bring from this life and past lives. He journeys into your conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind to accurately reveal, heal and transform that which is disempowering you, specially deep-seated and suppressed negative emotions.

As an indigo child, he was very interested in exploring the spiritual world from a wider perspective other than a religion.  When he was 10 years old, he became vegetarian.  Since then, he studied and practiced several old sciences for personal growth such us: Astrology, Yoga, Meditation, Numerology, law of attraction, Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry and some healing techniques such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Healing with crystals and most recently healing techniques with the assistance of Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and other Beings of light (Pleiadian Lightwork).

He is originally from Ecuador and he has had the good fortune to be certified in several Ashrams and recognized Personal Growth centers in Ecuador, Chile, USA and Canada. Also, he is a certified Minister of the Dolphin Star Temple located at Mt. Shasta, California, USA.


His mission is to facilitate the process of raising consciousness. He aims to help anyone who is committed in their own Self-growth so they can reach a state of bliss, prosperity, purpose, health, abundance, peace, happiness, unity and harmony through remote reading/healing sessions.


Pleiadian Lightwork:

is a group of advanced, effective and holistic healing techniques that were practiced in the old Temples and Mystery Schools of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt.

These techniques were forgotten for many lifetimes and were brought back onto Earth by Amorah Quan Yin in 1995, given to her by the Arcangels called Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. Since then, the Dolphin Star Temple has been training people from all over the world as Certified Ministers, Healers and Teachers.