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Meditation & Yoga Classes


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We are happy to re launch our Yoga classes in our lovely cozy Studio!

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Module 1: Guided Meditation Course


With Angie Tobon & Dane Osorio

Seat in circle every Wednesday with Reiki Masters Angie Tobon and Dane Osorio as you tap into a Chakra and find out how you are carrying your energy, and what depletes you.

Learn how to clear, heal, energize and balance this specific chakra as we take you on a beautiful guided meditation and on a 7 week evolving journey!

Every Monday Starting this Fall September 11th


Every Wednesday Starting this Fall September 13th

Time; 7:30pm-9:00pm

Toronto Location: 352 Bedford Park Av.

Kleinburg Location: 33 Nashville Rd. Kleinburg, On

*This course is designed for people with or without Meditation experience.

Investment: $180 ( 7 Classes)

In this first module we will learn to identify, activate and harmonized the seven primary centers of energy in our bodies, our Chakras.

Each of these chakras has a special function; therefore, it is important to recognize the value of each remembering that we have work on what we need to learn (our lesson) in order to evolve.

The activation of these energy fields will prepared us to make a direct connection to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and will teach us to harmonize our entire energy system.

Module #1 Guided Meditation Course Outline

The Seven Centers of Our Human Energy System (Chakras):

These first series of classes have been designed to help you learn and develop your own method to Meditation.

Learn to awaken the true you, as you evolve, you will lean to silence your mind and find peace and happiness within.

Module #1 First Teachings of Meditation are suitable for all. In order to meditate freely, it is very important to fully reach a state of relaxation, grounding and connection.


We will be focusing on:

  •  Releasing stress and bad energy
  • Clearing Aura energy around us and our space
  • Stretching and relaxation of the body
  • Sharing Source Energy & Creating our own Energy
  • Connection to the Universe, Divine Light, God
  • Grounding ourselves with Earth’s energy
  • Protection, alignment of the spine
  • Clearing our chakras
  • Gate opening to our inner journey

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Investment: $180/7 classes

 Module 2: Guided Meditation Course



The Elements and our Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health
With: Angela M. Tobón & Dane Osorio

These classes have been designed for those who have completed Module #1 and would like to continue exploring higher awareness.

Learn about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) through the study of nature’s elements and the influence of our emotions in our overall health.
Learn of nature’s elements, its properties, identify your emotions and learn to manage and express your responses better.

Mondays Starting October 30th – December 11

Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Location: Bliss Om Wellness Studio.
33 Nashville Rd.
Kleinburg, Ontario

Wednesdays – November 1st- December 13th

Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Location: Vital Ki Wellness Center
352 Bedford Park Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

Call us or email to register and reserve your spot.

These classes will fill up please register soon!
647 748 3777

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Investment: $180/7-classes

Prerequisite: Module #1 or Some Meditation Experience

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 Module 3: Guided Meditation Course

‘The Turning Point’


Module 3 is designed for those who have completed Modules 1 and 2, are ready to work beyond the physical/mental reality, and are ready to transcend to higher principles.

This course will help define the time at which a decisive change or shift in your spiritual journey occurs. The change of course always starts with you, and the emphasis in not on the turning point itself, but rather in the significance of the chance.

Here you will continue to understand the mystery of your inner being, the root causes generating your believes, attitudes and actions.

We welcome you to stimulate your inner wisdom and to continue to evolve.


Thursdays – September 14th – October 26th

Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Location: Vital Ki Wellness Center
352 Bedford Park Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

Call us or email to register and reserve your spot.

These classes will fill up please register soon!
647 748 3777

Prerequisite: Module #1 and Module #2


Time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Location: Bliss Om Wellness Studio.
33 Nashville Rd.
Kleinburg, Ontario

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Investment: $180/7-classes

Prerequisite: Module #1 and Module #2






Angie Tobon & Dane Osorio

Vital Ki Toronto

Tuesday August 8th, 8:00pm


Join Reiki Masters Angie Tobon and Dane Osorio
at Our Lovely Wellness Center! Angie and Dane have come together to bring Full Moon Ceremonies for a few years now. Their ancestral healing lineage and awareness of amplified energies during the time of the Full Moon has brought them to perform powerful and healing Ceremonies.

Come out and tap in to the energy of the Full Moon to let go of what no longer serves you and shift to the Energies that bring you to a higher vibration, thus aligning yourself to Manifestation.

Location: Vital Ki Wellness Center
352 Bedford Park Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

Call us or email to register and reserve your spot. (space is limited)
647 748 3777



The time of Full Moon is a magic time, when the power of the Moon is in at its zenith, our power increases.

During this time the power of manifesting is great, in ancient times our ancestors performed magic rituals in order to gather and increase their energy. They were  alchemists and great seekers of consciousness far ahead of their time. They also realized that within ancient knowledge absolute truth laid.

If you are in the quest for clarity, emotional Intelligence and a calm spirit, join us as we:

  • Activate and speed up the process of tuning the lunar rhythms and its power
  • Enter the path of transformation and become attuned with your Inner-selves
  • Leap into the Infinity of your divine intention
  • Get tuned to the Universe Energy and with the Magic of the Full Moon

In a Full-Moon there is an energetic pressure which can be used to accelerate healing on all levels.

In this Meditation Ceremony you will be guided to a journey that will invoke the intensity of the Perigean Full Moon and the power of the four winds (East, South, West, and North). It will help you configure the process of your mind, and cultivate new and more positive ways of being.

  • Transform and leap into the Infinity of your Divine Intention
  • Tune into the Perigean rhythm, rise your conscious levels and evolve
  • Become attuned with Universal Energy and your Inner-self



Meditation is a discipline in which one attempts to connect to the inner self  to get beyond the conditioned, “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.
Meditation is recognized as a component of almost all cultures, and has been practiced for over 5,000 years. We offer classes designed to meet the needs of the specific class, ranging from beginners, intermediate and advanced. Its focus is to convey awareness which include: Being conscious of, being receptive to, being here and now, being grounded, being mindful, being connected, being centered.

Benefits of Children Meditation 

By nature children are good meditators; empower your child’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

Children exist in a contemplative state; this ability is due to their attentive brainwave. They have a mechanism that allows them to cruise their journeys at a levels many grownups have forgotten possible.
Meditation allows children to use their creative imagination without restrictions. Their fresh minds are in multidimensional Technicolor motion picture processes that lets them enjoy coming in and out of meditation easily.


In these powerful classes children will learn: 

  •     To ground them-selves by rooting their energy into mother earth (Gaia).
  •     Feel more secure and willing to journey
  •     Find the stillness they need to meditate
  •     Tools to cope with everyday life
  •     To understand and experience their emotions in a healthy way
  •     To become more aware of who they are, their interests and their many talents
  •     To develop confidence
  •     To identify their relation to the community, family and others
  •     The basics of their fields of energy (the chakras)
  •     Dream without limitations
  •     To become active in their personal growth
  •     To be kind to them-selves, others and all living creatures
  •     To create their heaven here on earth
  •     To develop their own idea of meditation so that they can realize they have the power to define it
  •     To create their own believes about how the universe works
  •     To permit the creation of their own space  

Exercises and Journeys 

  •     Breathing Meditation
  •     Physical awareness (muscle relaxation)
  •     Rooting Meditation (grounding) security
  •     Connection Meditation (connecting to light and the Universe)
  •     Cloud Carpet Meditation (for sleeping disorder)
  •     Identifying of emotions (the way feel and how to deal with it)
  •     Environment Meditation (appreciation of life and all creations)
  •     Relations (family, siblings, extended family, friends, school, and community)
  •     Self-worth Meditation
  •     True Communication Meditation
  •     Heart Meditation (Love, forgiveness, guilt, shame)