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Saturday July 8 @7:00pm in Toronto


 Location: Vital Ki  TORONTO

352 Bedford Park Ave., Toronto ON.

 Sunday July 9 @7:30pm 

 Location: Bliss Om, KLEINBURG

Bliss Om Wellness Studio
33 Nashvill Rd. Kleinburg ON.
Join Reiki Masters Angie Tobon and Dane Osorio
at the Lovely Bliss Om Holistic Wellness Center in Kleinburg and Vital Ki Wellness Centre in Toronto!
Angie and Dane have come together to bring Full Moon Ceremonies for a few years now.
Their ancestral healing lineage and awareness of amplified energies during the time of the Full Moon has brought them to perform powerful and healing Ceremonies.

Full moons bring with them a certain energy and inspire a flow of emotions and vibrations, unlike in other phases of the moon. Full moons have a way of washing away the negative energy to make room for positive energy.

Join us for a wonderful Guided Meditation Ceremony where we will tap into the Energy of the Full Moon to release what is not serving us at this time, to shift and raise our vibration to what it is we really want to Manifest!



The largest SUPERMOON: since 1948 and not to be seen again till Nov.25 2034.

Sunday Nov. 13 in TORONTO Yoga-Meditation Super Full-Moon Ceremony

352 Bedford Park Ave., Toronto, M5M-1J8

Monday Nov. 14 in KLEINBURG Meditation Super Full-Moon Ceremony

33 Nashville Rd, Kleinburg, BLISSOM!


Join our Super-Full Moon Ceremonies in Toronto today and Kleinburg tomorrow as we tap into the largest SUPER-MOON: since 1948 and not to be seen again till Nov.25 2034.

Let’s set some great intentions together and let go of any ill or energies that don’t serve us!!!

Astrologically, this Full Super-Moon is in Taurus, opposing the Sun in Scorpio.

Taurus-Scorpio astrological axis are both pursuing to anchor its fundamental elements

Taurus:Gentle Supportive Earth and Scorpio: Deep Shaky Water.

Taurus Moon with nourishing harmonious energy and Scorpio Sun with tremendous shaky depths will amplify the command of our intentions.

Let’s Humbly tap in the rhythm of this Celestial phenomenon “Lunar Perigee” or “Super Full Moon” with clarity of great intentions.

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The time of Full Moon is a magic time, when the power of the Moon is in at its zenith, our power increases.

During this time the power of manifesting is great, in ancient times our ancestors performed magic rituals in order to gather and increase their energy. They were alchemists and great seekers of consciousness far ahead of their time. They also realized that within ancient knowledge absolute truth laid.

If you are in the quest for clarity, Emotional Intelligence and a calm spirit, join us as we:

  • Activate and speed up the process of tuning the lunar rhythms and its power
  • Enter the path of transformation and become attuned with your Inner-selves
  • Leap into the Infinity of your divine intention
  • Get tuned to the Universe Energy and with the Magic of the Full Moon or Perigean Full Moon.

In a Full-Moon there is an energetic pressure which can be used to accelerate healing on all levels.

In these Meditations you will be guided to a journey that will humbly invoke:

  • The intensity of the Full Moon or the Perigean Full Moon
  • The power of the four winds (East, South, West, and North)

It will help you:

  • Configure the process of your mind
  • Cultivate new and more positive ways of being.
  • Transform and leap into the Infinity of your Divine Intention
  • Tune into the Perigean rhythm, rise your conscious levels and evolve
  • Become attuned with Universal Energy and your Inner-selves

How to understand the difference of the Full Moon, the Perigean or Super-Moon?

All Full-Moons have a significant meaning depending on the time of year and other cosmic influences. The Perigean Full Moon now called Supermoon however, in  Astronomy term is a simply term that means the moons closest to Earth for that month.

These Supermoons have been known to cause factual physical effects here on earth, it is manifested in larger-than-usual waves, unusual animal behavior and also changes human distinctive and collective behavior.

The full moon is a time of positive opportunity,

.  It can increase your positive energy or it can create chaos on your emotions.

Since the full moon creates or influence a tremendous amount of energy, you should be in a calm Meditative state of mind to receive a positive effect. Remember that whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit will be intensified.

This Super-Moon Meditation can have a transformative effect and lead you to a new understanding of your own life.


Full Moon December 13th

Presented by:  Angie Tobón  & Dane Osorio