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Healing & Relaxation

Healing & Relaxation

Welcome to Vital Ki  Gateway to Harmony, Health, Wellness, Beauty & Relaxation!


We are living a special time of Transition, Shift Energy and the Quest for Light. Learn several transformative tools that will allow you to understand who you really are.

Harmonize and Balance Your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies


  • Tibetan exercises for energetic activation
  • Daily Essential Meditation
  • Introduction to Law of Attraction from a spiritual perspective
  • Process to release Negative Feelings and Physical Pain
  • Process to release Anger and Resentment
  • Processes to clear Negative Programing and Beliefs
  • Rainbow Flame Meditation
  • Process to clear your home energetically
  • Higher Self Meditation
  • Diamond Light Healing Matrix Meditation 

Vital Ki Programs

Vital Ki constantly holds events for our patients and the community to help better educate on how great health can be obtained and maintained.

As part of our event schedule we host:

Vital Ki Institute Educational programs

Energy Work:

Our Centre brings a unique approach to Health, Wellness and Beauty

At Vital Ki our mission is to inspire women and men to enrich their own personal well-being and health. Our approach is holistic, relaxing and therapeutic you will experience the highest quality of services provided by an integrity team of professionals.

We strive to provide a positive tranquil experience that will take you away from a hectic or stressful life style and invite balance into your life with body, mind and spirit educational programs.



We incorporate a combination of traditional therapies from around the world in conjunction with advanced modern medicine to heal and beautify the body, mind and spirit. Enjoy a range of Health & Beauty therapies Specially Customized for you, and selection of quality Natural Health Products.



Come and Energize your Mind/Body and Restore the Serenity in your Spirit!